Allegorical Drawings


Earthly Observations and A Display of the Uninhabitable, 2021
trace monotypes on paper, each 21 x 15cm

These works were shown in an online exhibition, 'Carbon - Borders - Voices' in 2022.

Part imagination, part observation, these monoprint drawings reference the loss of life and land due to human’s destruction of natural habitats. In both images, the subjects experience physical barriers and thresholds: A human observer as an inanimate vase of flowers displays a vulnerable position, commenting on the limited time to act as well as being a metaphor for the general transience of life. Meanwhile, hope and future prospects are symbolised by the migratory bird journeying towards a single flower. 


In A Display of the Uninhabitable, the ear does not hear the plight of the bird above water whose habitat is now flooded and unsuitable for nesting. I am also conscious of how sound travels underwater and how for marine life like porpoises and whales, the noise pollution from human activity can be deadly.

Vessel I, II, III, 2022 trace monotype on paper, each 8 x 6 in

The Decentering, 2022
Six trace monotype prints on brown paper, each 19 x 14 cm

Bearable Uncertainty

Spiralling Ascent

Fixed Hover

A Distant Insight

Mutual Interests (Survival)

Ongoing Search