Sculpture and movement

My sculptural works in wood are about navigation and the physical action of moving through space. They are also abstract expressions of the cognitive journey through our thoughts, memories, and ideas.

Arching View, 2019

I am particularly interested in elements of architectural structures - the supporting columns, protruding windows, the different levels, spaces, and passageways. These observations have informed the details and layout of my pieces.

SESC Pompéia in São Paulo

Architect Lina Bo Bardi transformed an existing structure in 1982, adding concrete towers and walkways to form this multi-functional landmark building. (Image sourced from a post by archidaniels)

Through sculpture, I can create tangible, abstract forms with a strong focus on both the positive and negative spaces. I am fascinated by the gaps and spaces between the wooden shapes making the setting an important consideration in the documentation of them, at least. These monochromatic pieces capture the gradients created by shadow and react to the subtle changes in light.

Navigating Through and Billboard, 2019

Curve and Turning Frame, 2019